What’s in the new version of CASPIO?

One of the elements I take into consideration when evaluating software is the amount of new versions that are released. For low-code platforms it is even more important because new features are introduced with each new release.

CASPIO has in its releases a strong point. Version 44.0 was announced yesterday. We are talking about the ninth release this year of an ever-evolving low-code platform.

Some of the new features introduced yesterday go in the direction of providing a platform for bringing top-quality applications into production, while others seek to get CSAPIO on the Artificial Intelligence train. Let’s see what’s in this release…

Custom Domains

The possibility of using custom domains for Caspian-based applications comes. That is, any references to application datapages or CASPIO elements will no longer be in the form


But you will be able to use a custom domain.

This is an overdue innovation, because on the one hand it reduces all the issues that can arise in having to configure the acceptance of third-party cookies, and on the other hand it improves branding for those who deploy their applications developed on this platform.

Improvements to the AI Assistant

This is a very special area, because now, with the AI fad, everyone is putting in some kind of functionality that uses AI.

CASPIO introduced the AI Assistant in the previous version and now adds new features. This assistant, through an improved interactive chat, allows you to define data tables and view previews of proposed structures. We will do a dedicated article on this topic shortly.

Directory Improvements

The ability to customize email templates and remove Caspian branding from user portal pages and emails is introduced. Let’s say it is one of the last touches to use Directories in a production application.

This year CASPIO announced, and constantly improved, this system for user authentication and grouping. It was a lack that was also felt because on the SMB-adapted plans, no possibility of integration with external LDAP or Active Directory is offered.

Now the use of directories is ripe for use as the primary authentication mechanism.

Of course, always dissatisfied

When using a platform that makes innovation its strong point, appetite comes with eating. Therefore, if we set out from today to try out the new features, we are always left with a dry mouth for not having seen the ones in the process of being developed. If you want to get an idea on CASPIO Ideabox there are ideas proposed and voted by users and you can, by filtering them, see which ones are already being developed.

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